SC11 Music (DJProducerRapper)
Welcome to my blog, I'm SC11 and I'm a man of God.

DJ and Producer – Strength in Christ, also known as SC11 – was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where he lived for a number of years before finding his way up to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. SC11 first became interested in music at a young age. Introduced to MTV, Rage and Triple J TV at the age of 6, he was often listening to the radio and showing knowledge of artists, track titles and even albums. When he turned 10, music was in his heart and a beat was in his head and he couldn’t hold back the talent in all the fibres of his body. With producers such as Timbaland and a good friend, Matt, a DJ/Producer, he had more than enough inspiration to begin remixing. He quite enjoyed remixing but he didn’t have enough interaction with the songs. It was at the age of 13 that he realized that producing was the best option. His first beats were, like other beginners, mediocre but were transformed over time and with time came a better sound. This was when he began honing his skill and improving on the simple beats. Sometime later, 2010, he kicked his production into high gear and released his first EP, God is Love. SC11 has focused most of his time on music and has been able to produce around 5 songs per week and even going to extremes of producing up to 3 songs in one day! He has even had the chance to work with other artists to produce songs of high quality including D4C (Disciple for Christ). SC11’s inspiration for all of his songs was given to him as a gift from the Holy One in Heaven. Yes, that’s right, SC11 is a Christian DJ! SC11 has high hopes that through his music, he will be able to inspire other Christian DJs to come forward and show the world that through Christ, anything is possible! He is slowly progressing into the music industry with other artists. What is next for SC11? You won’t want to miss it!

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